Special Session


Special Session 4: Network Service and Cloud Computing


This special session will discuss recent advances in Network Service & Control Platform, Green Cloud Computing, Internet & Service Software, ICT Convergence Services, and research about network service and cloud computing. Contributions co ntaining new insights and findings in this field are welcome. This special session provides an international forum for researchers and specialists from the field of network service and cloud computing. Although particular attention will be given to the above theme areas, it should be stressed that a broad range of submissions is encouraged.


● Organizer:

Chair: Myung Jin Lee, Chungbuk National University, Republic of Korea (mjleewill@chungbuk.ac.kr)
Co-Chair: Huilin Zheng, Chungbuk National University, Republic of Korea (huilin@chungbuk.ac.kr)

● Submission Method:

Please submit your manuscript to http://www.zmeeting.org/submission/hp3c2023 and select Track “Special Session 4: Network Service and Cloud Computing”


● Papers for this session are based on various interests including but not limited to:
■ Network Service & Control Platform
Smart Internet platforms
Service delivery platform
Service and network management system
Network integrated control system
Networking software
Distributed cloud platform

■ Green Cloud Computing
Computing resource virtualization & scale-out technology
Virtual desktop technology
QoS guarantee technology
Software technology for High-speed backup & security services
Intercloud mashups
Green cloud services
Intelligent Management of Resource Information Services

■ Internet & Service Software
WoT and IoT convergence application software
Semi-automatic service mashup & discovery
PaaS(Platform-as-a- Service)
Servicing technology of package software
Next generation of Social & Web service

■ ICT Convergence Services
Fusion super connecter
Physical & Chemical & Bio information sensors, sensing devices
IoT/ WoT-based electronic information collection device
Sensor networking
Gateway interworking
Service platform
Network structure model
Smart service platform

■ Other Research about Network Service and Cloud Computing